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We have over 10 years of expert IT Support services delivery under our belt. Serving clients in Oxfordshire by delivering cloud hosted solutions, Desktop support for both Microsoft and Apple OS and training plus 20 years in the IT industry, you really can't go wrong with QuickFixIT
Quick, Easy and Secure Remote Sessions

Just follow the simple steps below to get support

Step 1 – Click on the “Get Support now” button below and allow the "Splashtop SOS" support app to download and "Run" it when it's finished downloading. 

> Cant find it? - Look around your screen, most of the time it will  be somewhere at the bottom asking you to "Open" or "Run" the app.

Step 2 – Once You run the app, you might have Windows pop up with a warning like "Allow this app to make changes", That is all good, just click to confirm.  When the app  is running, it will display a code please tell this code to your technician and they will use it to connect to your screen.

Step 3 – Now the technician might ask you to try and replicate the problem so we are sure we are fixing the corect one! Once we see it for ourselves you can choose to end the call and leave us to it or stay on the line.

Step 4 - Once fixed the technician will give you a call back and demonstrate the resulotion and ask you to confirm you are happy that your IT Issue has indeed been sorted.